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Web hosting is critical for the success of your website and business. It's what determines how your website has to function during peak traffic. It's where your website files are being stored including HTML files, CSS files, media, documents, etc. If your hosting server is not up to the mark, you run the risk of losing your website data, security problems, poor SEO ranking, slow-loading pages, high downtime and more.

Shared/Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is what you need if you’re looking for a stable and reliable online presence within your budget. It is particularly beneficial for SMEs and startups as you can transfer all the responsibilities of managing the server to a third party while working on what’s really important to building your business.

Dedicated hosting gives you unlimited scope for developing your online presence with the added benefits like safety, reliability and customizability. Whether you are an established business or a startup, dedicated hosting allows unrestricted room for growth

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the best option if you’re looking for a flexible and scalable hosting solution. Here, your web applications are stored and managed on cloud servers. You’re not limited by any location but get to enjoy the same level of performance as you get from dedicated servers without having to spend a huge amount of money./p>

In cloud hosting, websites are not hosted on a single physical location. Rather, the website resources are spread over multiple virtual servers, called cloud servers. Every cloud server has a specific role and if one server goes down, others make up automatically so that the website operations remain unaffected. In essence, with cloud support, your websites become more stable.

Email Hosting

We provide enterprise-grade email platform that provides AI-powered spam filtering, content moderation, and mailbox management to help you keep your business communications safe and organized.

A large percentage of your customers make snap judgments about your professionalism, your experience and even the capabilities of your brand, just by looking at your e-mail.

G Suite

More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies and over 5 million organizations use G Suite (formerly Google Apps) as a daily driver for their essential business processes. This shows how companies big and small across the world have come to rely on Google’s collection of productivity and collaboration tools.

G Suite offers businesses a powerful package of easy access services that can be heavily customized to meet their unique business requirements. It encompasses everything from a personalized email service, collaboration and communication apps to office and productivity tools - in short, everything that a business needs to get started and keep going.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) managed cloud hosting services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Cloud Services help you focus more on your business than on your operations. Managing servers and data centres require dedicated IT staff that will cost you extra time and money.

We’ll free you of this burden by migrating your whole IT infrastructure to the world's best cloud hosting platform - Amazon Web Services. With high-performance computing features and database management capabilities, AWS allows you to take your business to the next level.

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