Field Service Management Software

With Artific Vehicle Tracking, you can manage and dispatch jobs on a calendar, provide ETA's to customers and have techs provide job status through a mobile app.

Product Overview

Total Technician Control

In the field, at the office, in control

Respond to customer requests with greater visibility of technicians and job status using field service software. Have everyone login to one system to avoid patching together separate calendars and spreadsheets.

  • Unique Design & Development
  • Experience Team Members
  • Powerfull Applications

Core Features

Simplify scheduling with an calender view

Office staff can see what field workers are available, schedule service calls and jobs, add customers information and include job details. Use a calendar to schedule and manage jobs. See smart scheduling recommendations based on tech availability, skill set, location and whether they know the customer.

Core Features

Easily communicate with field technicians

Dispatch jobs directly to techs and allow them to set job status. Techs can see their schedule and collect signatures, photos and notes while at the job site – all from the field service app.

Core Features

Provide proof-of-delivery details

Use custom paperless forms to capture proof-of-delivery data from the field. Reduce manual data entry for drivers and allow them to take photos and collect signatures from their mobile app.

Core Features

Collect customer ratings and reviews

See how the company and technicians are performing with customer ratings and reviews. View a dashboard of ratings to help track performance over time and address customer issues quickly.

Application Features

Amazing Features to Customize your Application Easy

Job Management

Add customer information and job details, including job type, customer address and contact information.

Multi-technician and multi-visit

Schedule jobs that require multiple technicians for large jobs or multiple visits (consecutive or non-consecutive).


Receive a notification when a job has not been viewed by a technician and find out if there is a delay.

Technician status

View a list of jobs for the day and important job details. Report on job status – in progress or complete.

Proof of service

Capture job notes, photos and signatures from the field in the technician mobile app - available for android mobile devices.

Customer ratings

Ask your customers to provide ratings of the technician and job.

Application Features

Amazing Features to Customize your Application Easy

Job View
View job schedule and job details on a mobile device.
Receive new jobs
Receive new jobs as they are dispatched.
Job Status
Provide job status and proof of service back to the office.
job status
See job status and vehicle location on the live map.
Provide more accurate ETA to customer.
Customer Experience
Offer a more responsive customer experience.
Get an appointment confirmation and reminder via text message or email.
Receive a notification when the technician is on the way.
Once a job is complete, submit a rating and review of the job and technician.
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